Freddy Greene "Street Genie"

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Tue. 9/11 12:00 PM 911 Memorial

Freddy Greene: Taps

Tue. 9/25 5:30 PM Re-election benefit for Judge Abe Jones

Jazz trio featuring Freddy Greene (Street Genie)

Sat. 9/29 7:00 PM Reunion banquet

Four piece band featuring Freddy Greene (Street Genie)

Thu. 10/4 6:00 PM Political event

Cameo appearance by Freddy Greene (Street Genie) solo sax

Sat. 10/13 7:00 PM NAACP Banquet

Appearing with Sauuda Eshe' and company

Fri. 10/19 7:00 PM Shaw University Alumni Event
Sat. 1/31 3:45 PM NC History Museum

Freddy Greene will be performing at the NC History Museum on January 31, 2015 for the AACC, (African American Cultural Complex), celebration

Sat. 2/14 10:00 AM HK on J

Freddy Greene will be down town Raleigh for HK on J movement with Rev. Barber

2:00 PM Madi Gras

Join Freddy Greene for Madi Gras in down town Wake Forest, NC

Fri. 3/20 8:00 PM The Galery in Rocky Mt.

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority night of Jazz concert in Rocky Mt. NC at the Imperial Center Galery

Sat. 4/11 5:00 PM Jazz night

Jazz night at Gethsemane baptist church bunn NC

Sat. 4/25 7:00 PM Benefit

Performing in Goldsboro, NC for a scolarship fund and benefit program at Rebuilding Broken places

Sat. 10/8 9:00 PM NC NAACP'S Annual Convention

Freddy Greene (Street Genie) plays for the NC NAACP

(Event postponed for November 29th due to Hurricane Matthew)

Sat. 10/15 5:00 AM Chilli Festival

Freddy Greene (Street Genie) performs two sets for this annual event. 

Fri. 10/28 8:00 PM Carolina Country Club, Chapel Hill, NC

Freddy Greene (Street Genie) performs at the Carolina Country Club / George Watts Alumni

Sat. 10/29 9:00 AM Sax and Justice

Freddy Greene (Street Genie) for three NC NAACP events:

The State of NC address @ 9:am;

The Political Action Luncheon @ 1: pm

Annual Freedom Fund Banquet @ 7: pm 

Sun. 11/6 6:30 PM Sax and Revolution "The Revival: Time for a Revolution of Values" tour conclusion at Riverside Church in New York, New York. Freddy blows his soprano sax in this powerful social justice service that calls for a renewing of values and a collective bending of the arc of... more
Thu. 11/10 9:30 PM Sax and the Arts

Freddy Greene blows his silky sax for the Art Center in Carrboro, NC

Fri. 11/25 11:00 AM Private Event
Fri. 12/2 8:00 PM Chapel Hill, NC (Private Event)

Private Event

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