The Genie Released! The Genie Released! Freddy Greene 155402508 Yancy's The Freddy Greene band 155402499 Tenor sax Freddy plays the tenor at Wake Forest festival. 155402501 And I can dance..... Breaking from the sax to participate in cultural dance with the Kuumba Dance Company! 155402500 On the street The Street Genie earning his reputation as the greatest. 155402502 Freddy Greene After the MLK march in Raleigh, NC 155402504 On the corner Freddy plays for passing fans 155402505 Work hard, Play hard Bunn, NC 155402507 Hard at work Freddy plays for a sold out crowd at the Tuxedo Junction 155402509 Making music with my mouth Freddy blows "Solo Dancer". 155402510 Good shot by Nick Errato A night mood! (Fayetteville Street/ Raleigh, NC) 155659962 "Street Genie", Sauuda and "Hook" working it out on stage. 158975663 "Street Genie" and "Lucy" "Street Genie" gives "Lucy" the spotlight at the Harambee Celebration in Rocky Mount. 158975664 Going in deep!!! 158975665 Up against the wall !! One way out! 158975666 On stage...(L to R; Burt, "Hook", "Coop", Sauuda, Freddy and Yara.) 158977093 Sincerely, Freddy. 158977095 164089196 164089197 164089198 Downtown Jazz Adding some more Jazz to the air at the African-American Cultural Festival (downtown Raleigh, NC) 164554472 Downtown Jazz When we're together... 164554473